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  Recycling & Solid Waste

Garbage Collection Guidelines

bullet may be placed in any type of garbage bag or you may use a standard garbage can.
bullet bags and containers must have a City of Clinton garbage sticker firmly and visibly affixed. Pre-used stickers will not be accepted.
bullet must purchase a sticker for each bag or container that you wish to be collected.
bullet weight of container - 40 lbs.
bullet can be purchased at many retail outlets located throughout the city.
bullet out by 7 a.m. on your collection day
Click here to see Solid Waste Route map

Yard Waste

Clinton's yard waste collection is divided into two phases. Residents in the city who do not compost their own yard waste are required to purchase "City of Clinton" approved bags that are available throughout the city at various retail outlets.  These clear plastic bags must contain ONLY GRASS, LEAVES, OR YARD AND GARDEN WASTE OF A LEAFY NATURE. you may fill the bags only up to a maximum of 40 pounds of material.  These bags will be picked up on the same day as your regular garbage, but at a later time.

The City also picks up brush and branches once a month during the week of the 15th.  This material must be tied in bundles (sting or twine only) no larger than 18" in diameter and 48" in length.

Recycling Program 

The residential recycling program eliminates approximately 2,200 tons a year that would go into the county landfill.

bullet City of Clinton has issued three (3) plastic buckets to each residence that it now serves.
bullet distribution of the buckets was at no charge to the residents.  Replacement buckets must be purchased at a cost of $3.50 per bucket from the City.
bullet buckets are the property of the City of Clinton and must remain at the residence to which they were delivered.
bullet recyclables can be placed in the resident's own containers, but must be segregated in the same three categories as your buckets (PAPER, GLASS, PLASTICS & CANS)
bullet collector will leave all recycling containers at curbside.
The following items will be collected by the City collection crews, or you may deliver them to the county recycling center's drop-off site located at 4292 - 220th Street, three miles west of Clinton on 13th Avenue North.

  1. Aluminum - cans, foil trays. Rinse out all your cans and clean foil trays.
  2. Plastic - Items must have the recycling logo and number (only #1 and #2 are accepted) on the container or it not recyclable. Caps and rings must be removed and the container must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed.
  3. Tin Cans - Food containers only.  Must be rinsed clean, take off labels and lids.
  4. Newspaper - With inserts (loose in buckets). Do not bundle or cover.
  5. Magazines & Catalogs - must be bundled with string or twine.
  6. Corrugated Cardboard - flattened, not over 36" in length or width.
  7. Glass - Food or beverage containers only.  Lids off, labels on. Only clear, green or brown color.

Spring And Fall Clean-up

This city wide event is held twice a year in the Spring and the Fall.


Pick up begins Monday, April 25th, 2011

Pickup begins Monday, May 2, 2011

Set items out Sunday night before your scheduled collection week.

 Items taken will be furniture, carpeting, large toys (dismantled swing sets, swim pools, bikes); household building & remodeling materials (doors, windows, cabinets, lumber, pieces or sections not to exceed 4’x 8’).  No concrete rubble, computer monitors, computer towers, copiers, printers, televisions, roofing materials, appliances or tires.  

 Only items too large to fit into a standard garbage sack will be takenBoxes and bags require the necessary landfill stickers.  Containers must comply with 40 lb. weight limit.  Items not to exceed one small pickup load per home.

The city of clinton will also be collecting burn barrels for city residents. If you want the City of Clinton to dispose of your burn barrel, place the barrel wherever you place your large items to be collected. Make sure to clearly mark the barrel with an "X" - with paint, tape or some other means to indicate that it is to be disposed of.